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Thread: Sailboat advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigWhiteFord View Post
    Awesome. Never heard that before!!

    If they were easy to sell, your buddy wouldn't be selling it to you for cheap right? I'd say rent a blow boat a few times before buying one. Chances are you'd be stuck with it for a while, which would suck if you don't enjoy sailing.

    Just my 2 cents...
    No kidding,but i seen the video showing it so i dunno lol.And i agree on the getting stuck part.I really have no interest in them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cody1771 View Post
    yeah, the boat market has always been finaky, i would say that boat is probably only worth about 4k... if your planning on just flipping it your best bet would probably be try to help him find a buyer, otherwise your just taking his debt load.
    Yup.I did some reasearch last night and its worth 6-7 g and thats not enough,I could sit on it for a year or more so i would need 100 percent gain to do it.but thanks for the input.Would be nice to have so i could run to the island lol

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    run to the island eh? in that thing? lol. that would be a long, small, cramped trip :p

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