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Thread: James Bay and Trans-Taiga Road

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    Default James Bay and Trans-Taiga Road

    OK this is the formally announcement and invite to Members for a 2019 trip up the James Bay Rd, with a run out to the end of the Trans-Taiga Rd and back. The total Distance should be between 4500 and 5000 KM( Toronto return), but with side trips it could be a bit longer. I have driven the James Bay in my Transport truck and have always wanted to get back and take some time to enjoy the Fishing and Fowling in the area.Most of the trip will be on the "Highways"( ) with side trip down a few logging roads. I would guess the main activities will be driving, checking vehicles, taking pictures and seeing the sights. Along the way I hope there will be lots of fun around the , and we can all share a few at the end of the day.

    For anyone not familiar with the area here is a link to the James Bay Road and area.

    For anyone thinking of doing some fishing and small game hunting here is a link to Quebec MNR.


    Fishing( The trout and Char are the stuff of dreams)

    I am sure that everyone knows how to make this kind of trip, the only two things the website stresses about is Fuel and tires. I already carry 350 Liters (150 Gallons) of fuel( 80L in Stock frame tank, 193L in a tank from a Reefer trailer, and 80L in four cans)

    Now the website says it's not a trip to be taken with kids, but I know when I was young( 7/8 years and older) this kind of trip was fine with me and my brother. Sit in the car/truck for four or five hours, spend the next two days raising hell on the lakes and in the woods.
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