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Thread: Tatra T-815 VT 8x8

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    epic indeed. the distances alone are impressive. props to you for tackling them! sounds like everything about that truck is an adventure ...

    and the gamma ray scan ... well, it prob came with a suit for that too, eh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by westcoaster View Post
    Ever consider taking the wheels off a travel trailer and parking that in the truck bed?

    Male an L adapter plate and bolt the axle to the truck bed....
    He could basically take a fifth wheel camper, remove the fifth wheel attachement, remove the wheels and he would have a truck bed camper to the right dimension. Lol

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    Using the theory of (to quote Monty Python) putting things on top of other things...with the roughly 16 foot platform any type of camper could be plopped in there. I'm quite happy with the almost 14 foot Zeppelin shelter. The Alu inside/outside skins are tough, the insulation values are adequate. The track system makes for a 'meccano-set -for-adults' feel which may not be everyones cup of tea but makes fastening appliances relatively easy. Things like inverter charger, 24v to 12v unit, shower/bathroom enclosure, water tanks etc. No gamma ray suit...but i have a few pairs of the roosian night vision googles that plug into the dashboard.
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