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Thread: Toronto - Salt Lake City trough Colorado and Moab.

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    Default Toronto - Salt Lake City trough Colorado and Moab.

    Hey everyone.

    It's been a while since my last entry on this forum. It was also a while since we took a longer than a weekend camping trip..

    Unfortunately we have missed this seasons Roaming Rally, but only cause we have three weeks of vacation to spread over whole year and last winter week long drive to Chisasibi already burned one of them.
    For summer trip we wanted to have something special and Utah and Colorado surroundings I think will be just perfect for this occasion.

    We're going to leave right after work in early afternoon and make a first stop overnight in about 6h after departure at south east shore of lake Michigan. Next morning we should be able to reach atleast central Kansas and after camping over night head up towards southern end of Kansas/Colorado border most likely on Hwy 160 heading towards trails along Hwy 550 in Colorado trough Silverton and Black Bear Pass, than continue through the trails enter Utah and head up to Moab swinging by Shafer and White Rim trails ultimately ending up in Draper just south of Salt Lake City.

    .. So it is a rough plan for the trip.
    I would like to ask you about where to camp in Colorado and a specially in Kansas? Or in general how is looking camping in state parks? Fees regulations etc. or maybe someone knows some nice and not to pricey private camp sites in mentioned areas?

    Thanks and I'm open for all suggestions.

    Ps. Here is rough idea for the trip.
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