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Thread: AWD RUGGEDIZED 1999 Safari Mini Motorhome conversion

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    Default AWD RUGGEDIZED 1999 Safari Mini Motorhome conversion

    After Wintering in Mexico and the US, this AWD Mini Motorhome is back home on Vancouver Island. After a thorough inspection, replacing the wind shield, NEW MOOG IDLER ARMS, HEAVY DUTY SOLID SWAY BAR, a replacement low mileage rear axle, OIL CHANGE, tire rotation, and a wheel alignment, it is ready and available for a new owner and new adventures.

    This Micro Motorhome is built for one or two travellers, for long term / full time living, while wandering along the road less travelled, and camping for extended periods in remote places. For that life style, it is ideal. And with AWD, Upgraded HD suspension, and Gnarly Duratrac tires, it is quite suitable for rough roads, and light duty OVERLANDING.

    Over $8000 was spent purchasing, repairing, upgrading, and customising the chassis and mechanicals on this unit. Bills for most of the work are available. I intended to live in this unit full time, long term, and take it to remote locations over rough roads. In some cases, no roads at all. Just about everything that could be done to improve durability and overlanding capability was done. The van has about 25,000 kms since the conversion, with a total of 247,000 kms. It is in EXCELLENT mechanical condition.

    A/C system has a slow leak - probably inside the heater box assembly
    heater fan is noisy at high speed [ good used replacement fan motor is on board]

    Over $8000 AND about six months of full time labor was spent building the motorhome body. Many EXPENSIVE RV windows and doors were used, including a roof vent/escape hatch, and a huge rear escape window.The body is plywood screwed and glued on to 2X2/4/6/10" structural SPRUCE members, with over 2000 deck screws and other fasteners. The roof is ONE PIECE of tough, durable Grey plastic checkerplate garage floor covering. The exterior is covered with tough, durable, 1/8" thick Black rubber checkerplate material, with aluminum angle iron reinforcing all the corners.

    The interior is real OAK panelling. The bed is a Queen size, with 4" of firm foam and an extra 2" memory foam topper. There is a NEW/UNUSED removable/pull out port potti under the bed. There is a removable/pull out 12 V cooler under the kitchen counter, and a NEW/UNUSED STAINLESS STEEL propane powered portable barbecue. The water tank is huge, 30 Gals, designed for long term camping at remote beaches, and runs into a HAND PUMP and SS sink. There are interior lights over the bed and kitchen counter.

    Huge amounts of INTERIOR Storage are available over the bed and the cabover section, and IN VARIOUS CUPBORDS AND drawers. Exterior storage has a full sized spare tire, tools, a set of most likely needed maintenance and replacement parts, extra fuel, water, oil, and other fluids. There are also most of the camping accessories any one could want, including a solar shower, 5 gal folding water container, pots, dishes, cups, cutlery, and cleaning supplies. These can go with the van if desired.

    With about $18,000 and six months labor invested in this unit, it WILL NOT GO CHEAP.

    COMPARE THE CAPABILITIES OF THIS UNIT AGAINST AN EQUIVALENT AWD PROVAN TIGER Motorhome, OR a VW QUATTRO CAMPER VAN, or a Subaru powered Quattro Westphalia, and you will see it is a bargain.

    Asking price is $15,000.
    Contact me for more pictures or further information.
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