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Thread: Hey all, Manitoban over here.

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    Love the Rangers. Looks good. What is the FX4 mean? Gearing?

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    FX4 is fords off-road oriented package. Skid plates, better gearing etc.

    Mines an FX4 level II. Basically the level II means upgraded skid plates for transfer case and gas tank. Stronger 31 spline rear axle with a Torsten limited slip, it came stock with 31" tires, and various other small upgrades.

    I love the truck, it performs great for my uses. I have a 3" body lift and 33" tires. I also swapped out the rear leaf springs for 1/2 ton Chevy springs. Little better weight capacity, and they are 7" longer leaf springs so it actually rides better and has a lot more articulation now too.

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