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Thread: A 2017 Tacoma TRD OR Build

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    Default A 2017 Tacoma TRD OR Build

    Now that my wife and I have two children plus a german shepherd, we realized the Jeep (Green Monstah) wasn't going to be large enough for our future excursions unless we decide to leave one at home... but how was I to choose who to leave at home? My wife wasn't happy that I even considered this.

    So without being limited to having to haul a trailer behind the Jeep wherever we go, or being forced to put all the equipment on the roof (the latter would also force us to sleep on the ground, heaven forbid), we decided we needed a truck and being that we previously had a tacoma and loved it, we decided to give it another go.

    When Toyota first announced the TRD Pro was going to be available in Canada, and that at the time, the only Tacoma available that would come with an automatic transmission, short bed and a locker, we decided this was what we would like, as the last tacoma we had was a comparable model, and therefore we had it imported across the border. However, shortly after, Toyota updated their website and released the pricing, and seeing it was over 50k and that they (finally) released the double cab off road model in Canada, it was a no brainer. We can save ourselves the premium price tag and buy the off road model.

    In October, just days after our second was born, our truck was ready for pickup, and immediately the build began...

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