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    Default vhf info

    okay so I am looking at getting a vhf for my jeep , I was wondering if all channels come preloaded on it or how dose one go about getting all the necessary channels ?

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    Drop me a text & I'll sort you out...

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    I'm assuming you are in BC and looking for a logging road radio.

    In a nutshell, all you have to do is walk in to a radio shop and ask them to set you up with a radio with the resource road channels....
    They will take care of the federal radio license, programming and install.

    $48 a year for federal radio license
    budget $700 or so for radio, programming and install. It's been a while so I may be out by a couple hundred either way...

    the resource road frequencies are considered commercial frequencies and are only permitted (legally) to be programmed in commercial radios.
    A commercial radio meets certain Industry Canada specifications for user controls, emissions, wattage etc.
    you buy a radio license from Industry Canada for $48 a year. No other skill required other than money....


    oops, Landy Andy's posted while I was composing...

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