...More on that later though.

We've been planning a Gold Bridge - Churn Creek trip for a bit now, having scouted out a couple of the highlights on May Long weekend. July long weekend was the time to make it happen.

4 nights, 4 trucks, and a couple extra friends from out of town (Ontario, gasp)... weather, vehicle prep, timing; everything looked like a perfect setup for a great weekend. And even with setbacks, that is exactly what we had.

I'll start our journey in Gold Bridge at the self-serve gas station.

We spent a short night on an offshoot on the Hurley, waking up to an absolute HORDE of mosquitoes. Northern Ontario bad. (Confession, I am also from Ontario too)

Heading north, Mud Lakes was high as expected - we had heard that it was sketchy and off camber, but mainly found it to be straightforward and pretty reasonable. That being said we are all on 35"+ tires/lockers etc - probably not accessible for a lot of vehicles.

Easily one of my favourite roads I've driven this year. Gorgeous country.

Past the lakes (following my e-exploring homie Justin's tips) we ascended Poison

As you can tell from the pictures - Poison was a big hit. Fantastic views, unbelievable scenery.

After a couple more peaks, and a great bit of Geocaching - we started putting down mileage heading east. The Big Bar Ferry was our destination, and we decided to spend a leisurely evening on the trail before we made the last push for it.

We called this spot Bear Alley - for obviously reasons.

50KM east of the Big Bar Ferry, dead center of China Head - my truck decided to grenade the transfer case. Absolutely zero self propulsion in either direction.

We have 150km back to pavement, and well over 4,000m of ascension/descent to accomplish - with a truck that won't move. Saturday was looking bleak.

To be continued...