Basically sold the CVT after the drumheller trip I took last weekend. Ran into little issues with it, that while I would have tolerated... except this Hannibal Impi popped up on kijiji sunday. Sold the CVT monday and I bought this Impi. It's an older model but I like it better then the Autohome Columbus. I mounted it on my lower bed rack on the way home from Calgary. Today I reinstalled my higher bed rack, and tossed it on that. Best part is my lower front runner setup fits in the middle, so I kept the load bars installed. I'll probably toss a spare tire on them to keep it elevated and still have enough lower bed space for everything else.

First picture is the quick and dirty setup I was using to mount the tent for the trip home. It worked fine but not the greatest for long term usage. Last pictures are it on the bed rack. I don't plan on selling this tent unless I discover it leaks like crazy or something weird. Price was too good, so I can easily ignore smaller quirks. Nothing like dropping almost 3 grand on an autohome only to be irritated using it. Things like that I won't settle with. This tent was cheap enough I will just deal with them and enjoy the benefits of the hardshell tent.

So far this Impi is a tad longer, so it has a little more room, and it actually closes half decent with bedding inside. I couldn't store the autohome ladder in my cab as it was too long compressed, the Impi ladder on the other hand fits in the cab. Which is great for secure storage.

The Impi also has an outside power hookup, so I can run the tents interior light off the 12 volt plug in the truck.

Best part is the fact the Impi has a covered entrance that is held up with rods like a regular RTT, and the interior mesh actually zippers closed unlike the Autohome which was velcrod on in the inside. In case anyone was wondering the door/bug screen roll up and not down.