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    Hey everyone. Over the last 2-3 years I built this truck up to an offroad camper build. Ended up buying another one with a V8 to hopefully replace this, but in the meantime I still own it. So I figure I would post up some info.

    2006 GMC Canyon SLT
    3.73 Gears, 3.5L Inline 5.
    5 Speed Manual, 4X4.

    Quick little summary of everything on the truck.

    Engine Mods

    OTTP Long Tube Header, deleted cats
    Replaced the exhaust with a SS setup, and Magnaflow muffler, Turn down after axle exit.
    Volant CAI with pre filter. Supermod ported throttle body
    Dyno tuned at Horsepower Solutions here in Edmonton.

    Suspension Mods
    5" CST subframe lift. 2" AAL/2" Shackle.
    Bilstein shocks up front, with a set of Rancho's in the back

    Body Mods
    Bumper (just a fabbed up unit)
    Colour matched grille
    Behind the cab light mount I had fabbed up locally to fit a 50" Rigid E Series
    Small black tool box
    Front Runner universal load bar/bed kit
    Rocky Road Supersliders
    KrFab rear diff guard/skid plate
    Reflexxion Cowl Hood
    3" PA Body Lift

    Other Misc stuff
    Replaced the interior lights with LEDS
    ARB 82qt fridge hardwired into battery with 120V harness
    Changed the front diff from a CV style unit to a DC unit for reliability
    Alpine single din unit
    ARB Pilbara RTT
    Rigid 50" E2 light bar
    Rigid 20" E Series light bar
    Cree LED reverse lights

    For wheel sizes I ran various setups from 325/65/18, 285/75/18/ Current 33x12.50x15 etc

    Some random pictures of the various setups. This truck changed a lot as I was trying out different ideas. Currently settled on a simple off road truck that can park camp wherever. Not a mud bogger, not an overlander, just something in between. Currently running 33's as I thought I was going to run the truck this winter, but that changed when I bought a V8 model. Looking to go back to 35's. I even ran a contractor rack for the RTT before I went with the front runner. In the pictures, the Toyo MT's are 285/75/18, the Duratracs are 325/65/18. The smaller tires are 33x12.50R15 Duratracs and the Nitto MTs are 295/70/18s

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