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Thread: Spius/uzuliz fsr adventure

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    Default Spius/uzuliz fsr adventure

    what a fun one nighter, tried going from boston bar to larson hill. havent had that much fun in awhile, mud slides, washouts, wet sloppy snow, **** kicking only to turn around because we weren't even close to where we wanted to be haha. heres the pics

    first little obstacle

    the start of the snow

    big mudslide that came down the entire road


    after **** kicking for about 5 hours, and many beers later, it was getting dark so we set up shop in the middle of the road, to crush many more beers

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    Thanks for sharing - I need to spend more time on this road network. A few years back we tried the old traverse from cabin lake area to boston bar, but took the wrong road (solo) which including mowing down 3" thick alders, getting stuck in a mud pit hidden under brush, and just general sillyness. Wasted hours of time in the determination to explore all those little black lines in the BRMB!

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