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Thread: Gates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdman86 View Post
    ^^ This is what had me unsure I've had two fishing spots recommended to me and they were both behind unlocked gates
    My better half is a hardcore fisherwoman. Best hidden gems are behind barbed wire range gates. She just rolls up opens them, goes through and closes it afterwards.
    Don't ask for recommendations from me because I class fishing right up there as watching a golf being played on tv, except for fly fishing of course.

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    Just one more thing to mention about this and that is if the gate looks like it was locked or has had recently been locked by some wear around the locking hasps or has a chain of locks on it (if you know what that is?) dont venture in. Some one may lock you inside!

    One of my mandatory items I take with me is a small grinder with a pile of cutting discs for an event similar to that. In my case I believe the gate was locked by some pranksters and it is a crappy way to end a nice trip. Those pipe gates with the box guarding the lock are very effective!

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    We had someone 'screw' the locks on the gate while we were working inside.. Literally a sheet metal screw driven up into the key hole of the padlock.
    Lucky for us it was only an extra hour for the shop mechanic to get out there with a grinder. It would have sucked if there was an emergency though, we'd be calling for a chopper..

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    Had that happen to me as well. Locks messed up. No key would fit in. What worked. A piece of chain with grab hook , not slip hook. The grab part fit between the shackle and top of lock. Just idling in reverse shock loaded it to break.

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