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Thread: Anticosti Island in Quebec could get serviced by vehicule ferry

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    Ok, couple of days ago, we got an annoncement from the Quebec prime Minister. They want to create a comity to organized a viable ferry link to the Anticosti Island. First via the quebec north shore, Either Havre St-apierre or Sept-iles and later adding with the south shore, my guess would be Riviere-au-Renard.

    but no dead line on plan schedule on the project yet.

    now that the petroleum industrie as lost the posibility to exploit the island, the gove has to find something else to create jobs and revenues, and a ferry link his a good alternative. So general tourist, but also dear hunters and salmon fly fishing will be amongs the things to do, with shipwreck, hikking, site seeing, cave exploration, some nice swiming holes, see kayaking and more. 2 weeks on the island should be enough to do it all. But hunting that happen in the fall.

    hopefully, all this while I still can drive. And I am only 47.

    Oh and in case I did not mentionned it before, Dog are absolutly and positively not permited on the Island. Not even in you car. They can not leave any boat that come to shore. Just so you know. There are no big games predator on the Island. The biggest predators are fox.
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