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Thread: BFG TA KM2 question

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    if i drove in the mountains on the highways in the winter...i would have duratracs all the way. offroad...couldnt pay me to run them.

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    Default BFG TA KM2 question

    I've put over 65,000 km on my Duratracs in a year and a half. Put them on just before I left for my trip down the Pan-Am, 27,000km on that trip alone and I put them through some of the toughest terrain I've seen. NEVER had an issue with them, no blown sidewalls, no punctures, no missing lugs, nothing. Drove up a volcano in Panama over some of the rockiest trails I've ever seen, had them aired down to 10psi, folded the rim over the sidewall on numerous occasions. Held up just fine. Don't know why everyone complains about the Duratracs. Load range C btw.
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    I think it all depends on what type of driving you plan to do...

    We previously ran KM-2's and they were great on FSR's and rock/sand/mud trails overall. They were sketchy on winter highways and on paved roads in the rain. Since our truck is also a daily driver and we travel on winter highways we ended up with duratracs. They've held up well all through AK and YT as well as the whipsaw and thousands of road miles through the western USA etc. I havent experienced the sidewall issues but I do air down all the time and take it easy. If our truck was mainly for off pavement travel I'd be happy with the KM-2's again.

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