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Thread: Roof Rack Build

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    Default Roof Rack Build

    Decided to build a roof rack primarily to carry 2 of my Hardigg cases, a 10 pound propane cylinder, possibly throw my canoe on it from time to time and mount a solar panel and 4 Light Force 240`s as well as some Light Force 140s with diffusion filters for reversing/setting up camp and possibly some other additional implements. I could have just bought a RR but I was unsatisfied with the products available due to their low functionality.

    Here is what I initially drew up, no sketchUp for me (yet).

    Here is the lower half, excluding expanded metal flooring and one other cross bar, outsourced the corner bends because I felt a Princess Auto bender and mediocre bends would frustrate me to no end.

    Here is the lower half with mounting feet that bolt into the factory roof rail nut-serts, will see if adjustable feet in front of the sunroof will prove to be a necessity after test rigidity of final product. More likely then not they will be needed.

    Sorry for such small pictures, from my phone but will be sure to take final pictures with the DSLR. All I could get done today as the welder needs a new tip and kept jamming wire, need to find my self a tig machine soon!

    Did some more fabricating, here are some progress shots.

    Got the uprights in and top on, side shot looking to the rear of the rack:

    Rear left corner:

    Looking from the front to back, still missing the expanded metal and still need to mock up the light mount and top bar.

    Will post some more pics up of the final product before and after powder coating.
    Here are some more pics of the rack and its progress almost done besides tie down points for straps. Light Force 240 Blitz mounted and pretty happy with it all.

    Sorry for the upside down pics, not sure why they uploaded that way, any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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    I like this.

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