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    My wife and I loaded up the Toaster this weekend and headed up to Nahatlatch for a bit of camping and do a little exploring. We had never been up there but it looks pretty nice on the ol' web and it is fairly close and accessible. It was the first real outing in the van which I have been using for work since I purchased it earlier this year.

    I made sure to be as up to date as possible with the forest fire situation and it looked like we were safe to go. There was a road check at Kookipi creek where they were taking down plate numbers and head counts. They informed us the road was closed up at Nahatlatch Lake near the west end.

    If you haven't been up this way there are numerous campsites , some are rec sites and others are in the provincial park. The folks at the road check said there were a lot of people up that way so we decided to grab the first site that looked inviting. As it turned out we decided to stay at Frances lake which is the first in a chain of three that also includes Hannah and Nahatlatch lakes. Our spot was fairly tidy and right at the east end of the lake. We spent the weekend just hanging out and going for hikes with the hounds.It was fun watching the river rafters go by and that is something I may return to the valley for.

    This morning after breaking camp we decided to head up the lake and see what other spots were available. There was a big group camped at Hannah lake and it was absolutely gross, there was actually crap all over the road.I guess the lazy party goers never got the lesson about #2 and what to do when camping. It was like a slalom course of toilet paper. It was such a shame that people would leave that kind of mess in such a beautiful park.

    I can now cross Nahatlatch off my list of places to visit and overall it was enjoyable. If you are headed that way I would recommend camping along the river in one of the first few camp grounds , apparently the party crowds have made a real mess further into the park.

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    Great to see you're getting out.

    Thanks for the info. Pity about the animals.

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