ok i had today off due to the ****ty weather, and my rustys offroad tcase skid has been pissing me off latley. i bought this tcase skid along time ago(when i didnt know too much about them), dont get me wrong it works and has saved me a few times. It just hangs down so damn low. So today i said screw it, took it off and cut it apart to make it better, and gain some clearance back.

hard to see but there was a notch that lowerd the case about 2 inches down. I dont know why they put this notch in there, cause it made the skid hang way lower then i should. So i cut the notch out, and gained 2"

now im no pro at welding, but im getting there

there it is, nice and flat now, gained more the 2" of clearance and theres about an inch between the tcase and skid. now it doesnt look so stupid hanging down haha

anyway [rfinger] rustys offroad.