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Thread: 2001 Cummins 5.9

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    Getting the truck ready for winter camping. I have to try and finish everything I can think of (and afford) before i get the camper on their.

    Friday night while doing a transmission service I found 3 worn out (actually falling apart) U joints on the front drive shaft. Sooo replaced those thinking that was the noise / vibration in four wheel drive. Not the case, now that the drive shaft is all fresh with no slop the front end noise is even worse. Guess I'll be pulling the diff cover to make sure all the teeth are still there, if so I its time for some new carrier and pinion bearings. Exhaust will have to wait a bit. Well depending on how much is busted in the diff that is.

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    That sucks finding a noise and fixing it just to find another one lol.

    We got some places local I've used before for very good used parts, saved me hundreds before fixing a diff in my Suburban.
    Hope it's not serious in there, send me a line if you want some names of parts distributor I've used without issues.

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