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Thread: Overlander Tag Vancouver Edition.

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    Default Overlander Tag Vancouver Edition.

    Let's play Overlander Tag!
    The Rules:

    1* Someone posts a photo of their overlander with a landmark, sign, etc. Clues can be given along with the photo.

    2* Someone else drives to the same place and gets a photo with THEIR overlander at the same spot.

    3* The first person to "tag" the photo by posting their photo then posts the next photo for people to find.

    4* If no one is able to identify the Tag the poster can give progressively easier clues until someone finally says "AHA!"

    5* Let's not have more than one Tag running at once. Don't post a new pic until someone's tagged the previous pic.

    6* Please don't indentify the location until someone else has Tagged it. The scavenger hunt is part of the fun.

    7* Please keep it reasonably identifiable. Don't post a picture of your overlander next to your mailbox at the end of your cottage road, unless you can see the Harbour Centre in the background.

    8* Please keep it reasonably close. Don't post a picture of your overlander at the CN Tower in Toronto. Let's say maybe three or four hours drive from the Vancouver core? We'll use Google Maps as the judge of distance.

    9* Please use a new Response picture. Even if you just happen to have a picture of your overlander at the Tag site, drive out and take a new one.

    10* Your new Tag doesn't have to be taken after your Response, you can post an earlier shot. Please keep it recent though. Let's say within this calendar year.

    11* Please post the new Tag immediately after posting your Response. Otherwise the next picture posted becomes the new Tag. Your Response should be 60 minutes from the time you post your Tag. That should give you enough time to upload the next picture and post it. After 60 minutes, it becomes a free-for-all for anyone else to post a new Tag. So make sure you have a Tag picture ready before you post a Response!

    12* Please identify the location when posting your Response. A Google Map would be nice.
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