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Thread: Suggestions or ideas for this section.

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    Default Suggestions or ideas for this section.

    I'm looking for input from others on any of the topics posted in here. If you have some knowledge or suggestions please feel free to post or PM with ideas or changes. This sections is there for new people getting into Overlanding to reference and learn from.
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    Default Group Rides

    How about a group rides for newbies post ( I know group rides never actually happen on OLC,, but it is good information )
    Something like:

    1 See etiquitte #1, save the drinks for the campsite
    2 Make sure you have minimum requirements, ( ie, recovery points, emergency kit, basic tools,etc)
    3 BE ON TIME
    4 Make sure you have enough time, nobody else wants to turnaround at noon to head home for your girlfriends cats birthday
    5 Don't be afraid to ask questions beforehand ( ie, will there be pinstriping involved) and make your decision before the group is three hours in the bush

    Might not be a bad idea to repost the "What to have in you truck" list to

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