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Thread: Trail Etiquette #1 Drinking on the trail.

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    Default Trail Etiquette #1 Drinking on the trail.

    Remember that at all times we are custodians for the hobby of 4wheeling and Overlanding. As such drinking and driving should be looked app on the same as one would on a normal paved road. It is illegal to operate any motor vehicle under the influence and doing so puts your self and yours at risk as well as other out enjoying the area. Respect others and lead by example.

    Save the adult beverages till camp.

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    Under the criminal code of canada, you can be charged for impaired driving even on private property. It does not have to be a "highway" as defined by the BC motor vehicle act. This means that you could be charged for impaired even when driving your uninsured buggy offroad on a trail or otherwise...

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    thats why I avoid certain off road parks, dont want some drunk to crash into my rig

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