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Thread: The ex-D90 rear tub camping trailer... conundrum

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    Default The ex-D90 rear tub camping trailer... conundrum

    As you'll prob already know my D90 is in for a bit of a makeover, in the process I've ended up with this going spare.

    So, now it's time to plan it's long term future... options are :

    1. Sell it.... maybe.... not easy to ship via Purolator

    2. Turn it into garden art.... the wife would just love that

    3. Build a frame & turn it into a camping trailer..... wife say's

    Umm...... I'm thinking I'll take option #3......

    Ok.... so now that's settled, here's the real problem.... what wheels to use, or more so..... what PCD. In LR's wisdom they swapped from 5/165mm that's been used for years to 5/120mm for the D2.

    So, do I make it with wheels that'll act as an emergency spare for the D90 or the D2 ?

    Or..... just go for a regular trailer PCD ?

    Next is, do I use the remains of the rear roll cage that was bolted to it, to make a frame to mount the RTT onto ? In that case it'll prob be towed behind the D90 more and have wheels to suit it. Then do I make it take the fridge out of the D2...... ?

    Now I'm ending up with 2 camping / trail trucks.....

    Add to that if were away wheel'in the D90, do I get a small transporter & tow it behind the D2..... so, if I brake the D90 I can still get home and I've got all the camping gear ready to go then.... in that case might as well sell the tub complete.... even more

    Finally.... last option, buy a camper that'll sit on the wifes F150 & use that to tow the D90 on a transporter.... big benefit in fuel saved over the D2 and we'd get a nice warm camper to sleep in..... only major issue there is the $$ to buy a camper.... then what do we do with the D2.....

    Time for a beer

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    I support this plan... plan number 3.

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    Dual Pattern Wheels?
    I've got 5 on 4.75/4.5's on my trailer, not that they match my trucks, but is it an option for the LR's?

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    I am going through the same dilemma right now with the Iltis and trailer in competition with our new L300 Delica family van/4x4. where do i put the RTT?

    too many toys to use all at once, all the labour of love and time spent building it. hardly gets used cause you cant decide which is better.

    I will start to write the for sale ad for you:

    " Used maybe 5 times, hundreds of hours on build, too many parts to list. sad to see it go but i just dont get to use it much anymore. I dont want to sell it but i would rather see someone else use it than watch it gather dust.

    Price is firm...for now...way less than what i have invested.

    Price drop...taking up space.

    Lowered price....take it away."

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