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    From that point work on the truck stopped for a month while we moved, once moved and set up again I tried to go from where I left off but it was a slow grind, I had to find where I put stuff all the time and heck we just finished moving, we weren't very organized.

    I did find a bunch of the extra drawer pulls from the reno so put those on along with some 1/8" maple plywood for the front of the fridge, the mask was kicking around for years looking for a spot in the camper, stuck it on with velcro incase I didn't like friend Steve will like that one!

    [IMG]P1080545 by flyer9112011, on Flickr[/IMG]

    The uppers! Well I'll let you in on a little oddity that seems to always infiltrate the work I try to do, I seem to always have one little issue that is usually really obvious occur, like a scratch at a bad spot, nicked edge on something that would only show up in that one spot..that sort of thing...... well building the uppers I located an old measuring tape to cut the cabinet pieces, while measuring the for the doors I noticed odd sizes all over the place, what the ?? Yup, someone had riveted the hook back onto the tape with 1/8" of it missing so all my cuts were off, and I guess I had used two tapes, a correct one and the devil tape! I threw the devil tape as far as I could!
    Now the issue was do I re cut it all or just go with the odd shapes? Of course the odd shapes won out, its a camper!

    [IMG]P1080549 by flyer9112011, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Another small issue I was having was the cushions would not be held in place very well with the small lip and the fact there was no lip on the table so I tested a piece of ply on a trip and liked it, then I needed to make it easy to take on or off, which now it is, a sliding bolt on each end, two brackets that slide into the table base and two screw out thingies I made that quickly thread into bolts on the right, very solid and I timed myself, 16 seconds to get it off!

    [IMG]P1080547 by flyer9112011, on Flickr[/IMG]

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    Looking good!

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